About Us

Petainer is the global leader in one-way PET kegs and refillable bottles. We also manufacture preforms for single-use PET bottles, as well as fully recyclable water coolers, and jars. We have a 35-year history of innovation and focus on finding the right solutions for our customers. Our expertise in the markets we serve is second to none, thanks to a combination of skills from polymer scientists, designers, packaging technologists, brew masters, blowing and filling line specialists.

Our packaging must be safe, secure, economically effective and sustainable. We work with leading institutions and suppliers to develop new materials and barrier technologies to continuously improve the functional and environmental performance of our products.

A global business with local market expertise

Petainer has seven manufacturing sites around the world to ensure we can produce and supply products as efficiently and sustainably as possible. We take a regionalised approach to our key markets in Europe, Russia, the Americas and Asia to ensure that our customers are supported as closely as possible with commercial, product and technical expertise.

Our manufacturing footprint

As a global manufacturing business, we need to meet the needs of our customers all around the world but also reduce the carbon footprint associated both with our supply chain and that of our customers. With that in mind, we are committed to bringing the supply chain closer to the markets in which we operate.

We recently announced the commencement of Brazilian manufacturing in September with partner Blue PET and have now started manufacturing Petainer’s one-way PET kegs at the new blow moulding plant in Tijucas, Santa Catarina, in the South of Brazil. The plant serves the domestic market and will also become the manufacturing hub for the South American region. Local manufacturing means that supply chain costs can be reduced, making it even more cost-effective to use petainerKeg compared to other forms of packaging.

We are developing a similar partnership in China with Great Leap Brewing in China to start manufacturing petainerKeg in 2019. The new blow moulding plant in Tianjin, which has a Pet Technologies APF-30 machine, will produce the 20L Hybrid keg, Classic and USD kegs, and will serve the domestic market as well as becoming the manufacturing hub for Petainer’s Asia region. Great Leap Brewing will also self-manufacture kegs at the facility to support their own business development strategy.


Manufacturing in Klin, Russia


We have also invested in our existing sites in Sweden, Czech Republic and Russia.
We have built a new warehouse at our Aš plant in the Czech Republic to provide more storage capacity to meet current and future ambitious growth plans while also improving sustainability. The introduction of the new warehouse removes 1740 truck deliveries per annum, reducing Petainer’s carbon footprint significantly.

This development follows a similar initiative at Petainer’s Lidköping plant in Sweden, where a new warehouse was built next to the factory to provide more storage capacity, reducing logistics and carbon footprint.

At our Russian plant in Klin, Petainer has invested in injection-moulding capability to localise supply of preforms for the market-leading petainerKeg. The Russian plant will also have additional warehouse capacity to improve supply chain efficiencies.

EcoVadis Gold Status

Petainer’s manufacturing site based in Lidkӧping, Sweden, has achieved a CSR Gold Rating by EcoVadis, the global CSR ratings agency. The assessment places Petainer in the top one percent of suppliers in the Manufacture of Plastics Products category and in the top one percent of all the organisations EcoVadis evaluates.

EcoVadis analyses 21 factors across four themes – environment, fair labour practices, ethics and fair business practices, and supply chain. Petainer has improved its overall score, with a particularly strong performance in the environmental category.

The Lidköping plant manufactures one-way preforms and PET bottles for Petainer’s FMCG brand owners in the Northern European market for carbonated soft drinks and water. The plant also produces a range of food, personal care, household and chemical packaging.

PET and Sustainability

Plastics play an ever-increasing role in our daily lives, delivering many benefits from food and beverage safety, to cost and supply chain logistics. However, plastics are now a global political issue in relation to pollution and its effects on our fragile planet. Following this, many leading brands, retailers and packaging companies are setting strict targets to reuse 50-100% recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025 or earlier, which we continue to strive to support.

Whilst PET is the most recycled plastics beverage packaging format, as an industry there is more we can do to address the challenge of single use plastics and minimise the environmental impact. Better design of products, higher use of post-consumer recyclate (PCR) and higher plastic recycling rates will support more sustainable consumption and production patterns for plastics. We also recognise that this is going to take a holistic approach from the whole supply chain as well as NGO’s, Governments and the consumer.

Globally, Petainer is one of the leaders in sustainable innovation for PET beverage containers. Proportionately, we are also one of the largest users of PCR in single use containers and we lead the way in refillable bottles for the beverage industry. Our team of development, processing and quality experts have over a decade of experience in the technical processing requirements of refillables and the use of PCR, as well as end-product specifications for some of the largest global brands. This expertise, and over 10 years of processing knowledge, has given us an enviable edge in developing sustainable packaging with a high level of technical performance, combined with some of the highest PCR usages in the industry. We regularly use up to 50% recycled materials in our products and can process up to 100%.

Brand owners demand high quality standards with food grade quality PET plastic containers manufactured to meet transport, shelf-life and aesthetic specifications. With our unique knowledge of the end to end PCR feedstock safe for food packaging, and our ability to access the product in scale, we can provide a world class, consistently high-quality solution to meet this issue. As a major producer of refillable PET bottles that are capable of up to 25 trips, we are also able to provide brand owners with the option of using 30% PCR, whilst maintaining the integrity of the ‘pack’ and the beverages they serve.


Bottles made using 50% CleanPet


To put our use of PCR in perspective, in 2017 we reduced our carbon footprint in our single serve small containers by 20% (12 thousand tonnes annually) by using PCR compared to 100% virgin resin, which is equivalent to driving over 29 million miles in an average car*.

We continually strive to ensure that more consumers have access to deposit schemes or refillable bottles which also encourages their use in new markets as the more environmentally-friendly option. Similarly, we are always keen to champion efforts to increase recycling rates of one-way bottles, reduce littering and ensure that more PET is recycled and reused as part of the circular economy.

As a business we are committed to exploring innovative new technologies around ever higher usage of PCR and alternative materials, with a continued focus on driving packaging design to become even more circular.