PET Plastic Refillable Bottles

Refillable/Reusable PET Bottles are the most sustainable beverage solution. They can be refilled up to 25 cycles and are available with up to 30% rPET.

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The Petainer Refillable Bottles range has been specially designed to store and keep a wide range of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks over time, thanks to its high standard of O2, CO2 and light barriers. Along with many other applications.

Soft Drinks

Key Benefits of
Refillable Bottles

Carbon Neutral Solution

A 1L Refillable PET Bottles (30% recycled content) has an 81% benefit in carbon reductions against refillable glass bottles.


Empty bottles are returned via the scheme to be refilled by bottlers.

Built to Last

Lowest amount of new material used per litre compared to alternatives.

Carbon savings calculator.

Estimate how much you could lower your carbon emissions by choosing Petainer Refillable Bottles as your preferred packaging solution. The figures shown represent carbon emissions as a result of One-way PET Bottle production and delivery compared against Aluminium Cans and Glass Bottles

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Carbon Footprint Comparison

Neck types to fit any need.

Petainer offer a range of neck finishes, depending on your beverage. For advice, contact our team of specialists who will help you pick the right one.

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We have been very impressed so far with Petainer kegs. We have had zero problems and the price is quite solid. I love the fact that they can take any coupler and work with the way we currently keg – we didn’t have to change a thing.

Michael Sakkers
Roosters Beer

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