PET Plastic Wine Bottles

Petainer PET Plastic Wine Bottles are a lightweight, shatterproof alternative to glass bottles that are better for the environment, and for your business. Available in both coloured and clear plastic, we offer traditionally shaped 750ml wine bottles, that are suitable for all wine types. 
While PET Plastic is normally associated with the mineral water and carbonated soft drinks markets. Its growth has stemmed from the lightweight, shatterproof nature of the material and its low transport costs. At Petainer, we want to help the wine bottle market unlock the benefits of PET plastic, by replacing bulky glass bottles.
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Key benefits of PET Plastic Wine Bottles

As wine is often produced long distances from where it is sold, any reduction in weight will significantly contribute to both cost and CO2 emission savings. The Petainer PET Plastic Wine Bottles has been designed to offer significant savings. In addition, when glass bottles are simply not an option; our 100% recyclable, food grade, BPA-Free PET Plastic Wine Bottles offer the perfect solution.

  • Weight.

    A standard 750ml glass bottle weighs around 450g. At only 47.3g, a Petainer PET wine bottle is 89% lighter than a standard glass bottle. This reduction in weight means more efficient transportation and less CO2 emissions.

  • Robustness.

    PET plastic wine bottles are shatterproof. Making them safer and easier to transport. Reduces risk at public events.

  • Recyclability.

    PET Plastic Wine Bottles are 100% Recyclable.


Storing Wine in PET Plastic Bottles

Whilst a PET’s bottle wall is thinner, and slightly more permeable to oxygen, this shouldn’t be an issue in most cases. Though estimates vary, only 1-5% of the wine made is intended to be stored and aged, meaning the majority of wine will be drunk soon after it is made.

The additional benefits conferred by glass are therefore provided to, but not necessary for, all wines. PET wine bottles will keep an early drinking wine style fresh for its intended drinking window. It shouldn’t be forgotten that many wines have added sulphur that will add protection against oxidation.

PET Wine Bottle Shopping Experience

Petainer’s Wine Bottles are designed to give the consumer the same experience of buying wine as they are used to. Our bottle is based on the classic Bordeaux wine bottle shape, with high shoulders and a straight cylindrical body, familiar to wine drinkers the world over. Our bottle also comes with a functional punt in the base to aid pouring. The BVS 30H60 neck finish can accommodate a capsule, a cosmetic feature that is a hangover from bottles that have a cork.



Interestingly, a sealed bottle of wine on the shelf is a relatively recent phenomenon. Glass started as a very expensive rarity, and having a bottle dedicated to wine would have been a preserve of the rich. As recently as the 19th century, the wine merchant would fill your bottle directly from the barrel for you to enjoy, and that bottle would be reused a number of times. Glass, with its thick wall, provided a good barrier against oxygen, and could be coloured to protect against UV & light. As technology progressed glass became cheaper, and more widely available for the bottling of wine. This is a trend now being challenged by the availability of PET solutions.








对于我们的新产品,我们需要一种包装解决方案,不仅要保护它们的质量和味道,还要符合我们的可持续发展标准。我们选择Petainer Kegs,因为它具有单向的足迹和可回收性。它还节省了稀缺资源,如水,因为它不需要清洗,并减少了对破坏环境的洗涤剂的需求。

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