Tackling the packaging waste problem – the refillable solution

Nigel Pritchard, Group Commercial Director, Petainer

Watching the daily news, it is hard to miss that there is a growing demand to reduce global packaging waste. This movement is prompting wide-ranging discussions about how to improve consumer recycling, increase the use of post-consumer recylate (PCR), as well as the use of refillable bottles.

The refillable bottle market is particularly strong in Germany, thanks to both social and cultural norms, as well as the Government’s support.  It provides the model from which other countries can learn.

PET refillable bottles rank ahead of glass refillables and one-way PET as the most eco-nomically sound and sustainable system. We have also developed a refillable bottle that also uses PCR and is one of the greenest PET bottles in the world.

Typically, a refillable bottle does 15-25 trips in its lifetime, removing a great deal of waste from the system and reducing carbon emissions.  This is supported by a study conducted by the German research institute IFEU which concluded:

 “The most ecologically favourable packaging system is the 1.0 litre re-useable PET bottle. Of all the packaging systems studied, it clearly and consistently has the most advantageous environmental impact profile.”

We, at Petainer, believe that refillable PET bottles address some of the concerns currently being expressed about plastic bottle waste.  Taking a holistic view, both one-way and refillable packaging are a sustainable form of packaging, which will be even more so with a strong returnable system to ensure both a re-use and availability of a high-quality stream of recycled material is maintained.

At the end of the day, the future of returnable packaging systems like refillables will depend very much on consumer attitudes and demand.

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