PET Plastic Juice Bottles

Our PET Plastic Juice Bottles come in a variety of sizes, and are perfect for juices, smoothies and teas. The bottles are crystal clear to showcase your product, shatter-resistant, BPA-free and HPP (High-Pressure Pasteurization) compatible.

Plus, they are made of PET which is the most recyclable plastic on the market.

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Carbon savings calculator.

Estimate how much you could lower your carbon emissions by choosing Petainer Juice Bottles as your preferred packaging solution. The figures shown represent carbon emissions as a result of One-way PET Bottle production and delivery compared against Aluminium Cans and Glass Bottles

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Carbon Footprint Comparison

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The packaging stability, the ability of the keg to survive gruelling weather and transportation conditions necessitates sourcing for a solution that is reliable, durable and is fit for travel. Stark has opted for Petainer Kegs because of their proven credentials when it comes to protecting the quality of the beer.

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