COVID19 Solution

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Unit

The Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is designed for contactless applications in high traffic areas, sanitising the hands of 500 people per day.


NOVO Mediplus and Petainer partner together to provide consumers with innovative solutions to keep everyone safe and sanitized.

High Volume 5 Gal Capacity

Unlike other dispensers which require touch, our high volume contactless dispensing provides a more convenient, safe hand sanitizing experience.

Customized with your colours, designs and logos

Brand Image is important. Wrap, paint or label all sides of the unit. Stainless steel and powdered coating. Good Looking. Integrate your sanitizer dispensing system with your brand, your image and your commitment to customer safety.

Petainer Water Cooler Compatible

The Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Unit is compatible with Petainer Refillable 5 Gal PET Water Cooler Technology. It is fully recyclable, refillable, with market-leading durability and strength.

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Our mission is to design products that support a transition towards a circular economy where all packaging is collected, reused or recycled. We partner with key stakeholders across the supply chain to help our customers on the journey to becoming carbon neutral.

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We have chosen Petainer as our export partner because it has a successful track record of supporting breweries that need to tackle the challenges that exporting brings. The keg’s compatibility with existing filling lines and dispensing systems around the world also make it simple and efficient to use in place of other packaging options.

Joao Pedro Costa
R&D Project Manager,
Super Bock

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