PET Preforms

Petainer offers a wide range of PET preforms in a number of neck finishes, weights and with recycled content. Across all markets, we can provide competitive solutions with short lead times and flexible service offering.


Economic Benefits

PET preforms bring many economic benefits. With high volume injection moulding capacity, Petainer guarantees efficient, economic production to produce volumes for your needs. We help customers minimise the usage of PET resin and deliver cost-effective packaging performance through optimal preform design.

Comprehensive Range

Our preforms are available in a number of neck finishes and weights, so whatever the product, we have a preform solution to fit your needs. Different products have different barrier requirements, of which we can customise to protect your product and maximise its shelf life. We offer a wide range of products with or without colours and barriers, tailored to individual customer requirements

PET Recycled Content

In the EU, by 2025, production of new bottles should contain at least 25% rPET, and 90% of all used PET should be collected and reprocessed. Petainer can offer up to 100% recycled PET (rPET) sourced from domestic waste streams to increase the proportion of recycled material in your PET preforms. Using rPET is an effective way of reducing your carbon footprint as it has a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions as virgin PET.

PET Preforms Offering

Our PET one-way preforms can be manufactured with custom-made designs and in different sizes and percentages of recycled PET content.

Technical Summary Weights Capacity Neck Standard Applications
Preform PCO 1810 20 - 52 g 0,33 - 3 L 28mm PCO 1810 Water, Soft Drinks
Preform PCO 1881 16,5 – 44,5 g 0,33 - 2 L 28mm PCO 1881 Water, Soft Drinks
Preform BPF PCO 1810 43 - 106 g 0,50 - 1,5 L 28mm BPF PCO 1810 Water, Soft Drinks
Preform 38mm 37 - 52 g 0,50 - 1 L 38mm Water, Soft Drinks
Preform 38mm SP400 Please contact us for information 0,33 - 1,5 L 38 mm SP400 Food Products
Preform Eaton 26,8 g - 32 g 0,33 - 0,50 L Snap on Food Products
Wide-mouth Jar Preform 110 53 - 140 g 0,50 - 2 L 110mm SP400 Food Products
Wide-mouth Jar Preform 120 143 - 236 g 2,5 - 6 L 120mm SP400 Food Products
Preform 28/410 24.5 g 0,30 L 28mm 28/410 Household Products
Preform Tyson 26 g 0,33 - 0,50 L 1-START Household Products
Refillable Water Cooler Preform (no support ring) 609 - 672 g 5 US Gal (18,95 L) Snap on Water
Refillable Water Cooler Preform (with support ring) 626 - 690 g 5 US Gal (18,95 L) Snap on Water

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