Press Release 8 December, 2020

Petainer expands warehousing across the Americas

Petainer is the industry leader in one way kegs, supplying both Classic and Hybrid range in 20 and 30 L sizes to a variety of American beverage producers. We are now increasing distribution by opening additional locations with the announcement of the expansion of new warehouse space in Carrollton, Texas.

Petainer currently has warehouses in Illinois and Pennsylvania with distribution partners set up in Massachusetts and California. The company is also looking to be present in two new regions and Colorado and Indiana are top locations.

“A rapid growth of new customers in early 2020 led us on a search to expand our warehouses to better service our customers. As the year progressed, we saw a pattern developing with new customer acquisitions. That information leads us to conclude that we needed to move into areas where our competitors were moving out.”

Chris McEwan, President of the Americas at Petainer.

In July of this year, Petainer added to its portfolio a new keg size to fill a need in the market. We launched the 10L Mini Keg, ideal for premium or limited-edition beverages with low rotation, as well as home dispense. This product is an excellent opportunity for brewers, winemakers and beverage producers to create additional revenue streams and increase the volume of products sold directly to the consumer (via online, takeaway, and curbside pickup sales) while reducing packaging and labor costs.

The Mini Kegs offer the features and benefits of the other Petainer kegs in a more compact size:

Petainer kegs can be filled with beer, cider, wine, cold coffee, kombucha, and cocktails.

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Press Release

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