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Víno Zlomek a Vávra: Wine Genes in Czech Republic

Víno Zlomek a Vávra

Boršice, Czech Republic

Víno Zlomek a Vávra is a winery based in Boršice, Czech Republic. When asked who they are, the owners are happy to answer that they are four brothers: two brothers from the Zlomek family, Libor and Radek, and two from the Vávra family, Tomáš and Petr. At the birth of a strong bond between the families were the fathers, two friends and musicians Josef and Bohuslav.

After spending years away from home, the idea of following the footsteps of their fathers and become viticultures convinced them all to come back to Boršice. They all now cover different roles: cellar master, winemaker, finance and sales managers. The Slovácko wine-growing sub-region consists of 117 municipalities. Diverse natural conditions have given rise to a very varied varietal composition. The white wines have an interesting palette of aromas and spiciness, complemented by minerals contained in the local fertile soils. The slow maturation of Moravian wines maintains a specific and distinctive aroma.

Víno Zlomek a Vávra produces red and white still wine and their fast-growing trend-product Perlito, a refreshing fizzy drink from wine and fruit juices with lower alcohol content. It preserves the taste of real fruit and has no added beet sugar. It is best served ice-cold or as a mixed drink. Perlito comes in a wide range of flavours: strawberry, apricot, raspberry, pear, and many others. The winery is entirely new, and they use modern technics and technologies, including cold processing from the grapes to the final product.

Fruit wines represent appealing alternatives to traditional grape wines and meet, as recent surveys show, increasing demand for reduced-alcohol beverages (NOLO, No & Lo alcohol). The variety of flavours and sweetness please everyone’s taste. The palette of colours and wide choice makes the product particularly attractive to consumers on social media – head over to Perlito’s official channels.

To sell their wine on tap, they have chosen Petainer 30 L Hybrid Keg. Being our product manufactured in the Czech Republic, for the winery it was ideal working with us. Since they have started using Petainer, they are satisfied with the functionalitylevel of innovation and sustainability credentials.

“The Petainer team is always available to assist us every step of the way so that we can benefit from the product in the best way possible!”

Tomáš Vávra, Sales Manager

Víno Zlomek a Vávra received excellent technical support from our team and was guided in each step during the manual filling. Since they have never kegged their wines before, this was a vital aspect of the onboarding process. The winery has experienced the benefits of having less labour involved and time saved compared to bottling wine. Also, lightweight and one-way packaging drastically reduced transport costs and carbon emissions. With using our Hybrid kegs, they can meet the increasing demand for Perlito wine on tap from their customers. The next step will be to plan a Hybrid keg filler also supported by Petainer.

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