The Petainer DraftPack is designed to deliver high quality beer dispense on-the-move. Perfect for stadiums, festivals and beer gardens where servers can travel straight to customers, avoiding queues at the bar.

Key Features

  • Quality. The keg dispense uses standard gas & equipment. No foaming or hand pumps needed.
  • Practical. The backpack can be reloaded in minutes and requires no tools.
  • Dispensing. Used with disposable and lightweight gas cylinders for dispense.
  • Compatible. Use with Petainer 10 L & 15 L kegs


Cost-effective mobile dispensing

The Petainer DraftPack is a unique lightweight mobile dispense system designed for events. It weighs 25% less, uses 67% less packaging and one-third of the space compared to the traditional tray methods.

Speed of service is increased, as the server can pour directly into the cup, reducing queues to at the bar and targeting customers who don’t want to move from their seats. When empty, the keg is removed from the backpack and ready to be recycled.

With the Petainer DraftPack, you will cut cost, save time and increase revenues while reducing waste.


A safe solution in time of COVID-19

As events start to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for venues to make sure they are keeping everyone safe. With the Petainer DraftPack, you cut back on crowded queues and have fewer touchpoints, unlike cans and bottles that are handled multiple times along the delivery chain.

  • No queues. It allows consumers to get draft quality beverages in their seats.
  • Fewer touchpoints. Cans and bottles are handled multiple times.
  • A safe event for everyone. A sanitary and hygienic solution for both your staff and consumers.


Petainer Kegs Compatible

The Petainer DraftPack is compatible with 10 L and 15 L Petainer Kegs.

  • Product Integrity. UV and Light protection and CO2/O2 Barrier Technology.
  • Lightweight. Easy to lift and stack. Boxes with handles and keg lifter tool.
  • Ready-to-use and Recyclable. Pre-purged with Nitrogen and easy to dispose of after use.


DraftPack Offering

Technical Summary Capacity Weight Gas Cartridge size Keg Refrigeration Serving Applications
DraftPack with 10L Classic 10 L 15 Kg CO2, N2 74 g 2 hrs at 5°C 2 hrs at 25°C Beer, Wine, Kombucha, Cider, Coffee
DraftPack with 15L Classic 15 L 20 Kg CO2, N2 74 g 2.5 hrs at 5°C 2 hrs at 25°C Beer, Wine, Kombucha, Cider, Coffee

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When dispensing carbonated beverages, such as beer, sparkling wine, cider and kombucha, you should use CO2, whereas all still beverages, such as wine and cold brew coffee, require N2.

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For our new products we needed a packaging solution which not only protected their quality and flavour, but also met with our sustainability criteria. We chose Petainer Kegs because of its one-way footprint and recyclability. It also saves on scarce resources such as water because it doesn’t need to be washed, and cuts out the need for environmentally damaging detergents.

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