Article 21 November, 2019

Vattenfabriken Launches 100% Recycled PET Bottle in Partnership with Petainer

Swedish beverage producer Vattenfabriken is about to launch 0.33 L & 0.5 L PET water bottles made of 100% food-grade post-consumer recyclate (PCR) for the Eko water brand.

The development demonstrates Vattenfabriken’s commitment to working with sustainable packaging solutions and the global move towards a circular economy for PET bottles. It is also a major step further towards reducing the company’s carbon emissions: the new Eko water bottle will reduce the brands carbon footprint by 73%.

Consumers, recyclers and packaging converters all play a vital role in sustaining a closed loop supply chain for PET bottles with high recycled content levels.  Consumers in the Nordics recycle over 90% of PET bottles providing the recycling sector with high-quality post-consumer plastics packaging waste which is processed into food grade PET flakes and pellets. After separation of polymer types and removal of impurities, the flakes and pellets are processed into new PET bottles.


Petainer has been incorporating PCR into its PET preform and bottle products for more than 15 years, creating sustainable packaging designs that achieve excellent performance, strength and appearance standards. In addition to the use of more sustainable materials and operational improvements, the bottle is produced at Petainer’s manufacturing site based in Lidköping, Sweden, which is powered entirely by hydroelectric power, a 100% renewable energy source.

Petainer Lidköping has also been awarded Gold Rating by EcoVadis, the global CSR ratings agency in 2019 – for the fifth year running. This assessment places Petainer in the top one percent of suppliers in the Manufacture of Plastics Products category and in the top one percent of all the organisations EcoVadis evaluates, with a particularly strong performance in the environmental category.

“We focus on delivering sustainable packaging with a high level of technical performance to our customers. We are proud to partner with brands like Vattenfabriken who share our commitment to make PET packaging circular and value plastics waste as a resource.”

Helen Öjerson, Nordics Business Development Director at Petainer

”We look forward to the official launch of our bottle Eko water, produced by 100% recycled material, produced by Petainer, a local supplier with great expertise in sustainability.”

Henrik Byrsjö at Vattenfabriken
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