PET Refillable Growlers

Ideal for beer, cider, wine, coffee and kombucha, Petainer Growlers are a cost-effective packaging solution to help your business pivot to online, delivery and take-away sales.

Key Features

Our PET Refillable Growlers preserve the taste and freshness of your product and provide an excellent shelf-life. Lightweight, impact-resistant and consumer-friendly, they are easy to fill and deliver straight to your customer’s doorstep, encouraging them to order more.

Cost-Effective Packaging

Our lightweight growlers are 90% lighter than glass and will significantly lower your transportation costs.

UV, Light & Oxygen Barriers

Our growlers are made of a mono layer material blend providing an excellent barrier against oxygen ingress to protect the quality and taste of your beverage.

Shatterproof Bottles

Petainer PET growlers are unbreakable to avoid staff injuries and limit product loss.

Growler Filling Methods

Petainer growlers can be filled manually (with or without tube) from a draught beer tap, or on an automatic filling line. To best prevent foaming (fobbing), reduce the pressure to 2-4 psi before you pour (serving pressure usually between 10-15 psi). Screw on the growler cap as soon as your growler is full. This will help you postpone oxidation and improve carbon dioxide retention.

Durable and Eco-friendly

Easy to wash and refill, our high-quality growlers have excellent resistance to hot filling and provide an excellent oxygen barrier and product protection over time. They also maintain a glass-clear, shiny appearance to help your brand stand out.

Durable & Reusable

Petainer smell-proof growlers are easy to wash. They can be cleaned with a warm non-caustic rinse (avoid dishwasher or hot rinse) and will maintain a glass-clear appearance over time (no haze or cloudy look)

100% Recyclable

Petainer PET Growlers are nylon and nitrogen-free and can be easily recycled. Easy to dispose of, they do not require any storage space (versus glass bottles)

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Petainer Lightweight PET growlers are much lighter than glass and generate much less carbon emissions than glass

PET Refillable Growlers Offering

Find out more about our Refillable PET Growler technical specifications and palletisation. Growlers are available in split pallet quantities.

Technical Summary Capacity Weight Height Diameter Neck Standard Cap Size Applications Pcs. / Pallet Layers
PET Growler 64 oz or 1.82 L 106 g 278.1 mm 112 mm 38-400 37 mm Beer, Wine, Kombucha, Cider, Coffee 688 8

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One-way PET kegs are a really easy option and help support the growth plans of smaller businesses such as ours by lowering the cost of entry into new markets like cold brew coffee … Crucially, the feedback from our customers has also been really positive. They find Petainer Kegs easy to use and easy to dispose of. They like the product and if our customers are happy – we are happy.

Sam Mirto
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