Clear PET Bottles for Hand Sanitiser

Petainer is supporting hand sanitiser manufacturers and has selected a range of PET bottles that can be filled with alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Key Features

Neck Finish

Our hand sanitiser bottle range has a 28 mm PCO neck finish.

Closure Types

Our bottles can be used with standard flip-top closures.

Closure Sizes

Can be used with 3 or 6 mm diameter holes closures.

Certificate for Transportation of Dangerous Goods

NET International Certificate

Petainer 1 L Sanitizer Bottles have obtained an International Certificate for the packaging and transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Secure Closing Mechanism

The bottles are approved for three different 28 mm PCO screw caps, including child-resistant closing mechanisms with or without spray insert.

Permeability Test

The certified bottle is valid for packaging groups II and III containing liquid substances that have past the compatibility test according to ADR/RID. Including White Spirit UN1300 and Bio-ethanol – 96% ethanol UN1987.

For more information dowload the certificate here.

Clear PET Bottles for Hand Sanitiser Offering

Petainer Clear PET Bottles for hand sanitiser comes in three different sizes.

Technical Summary Capacity Weight Height Diameter Neck Standard Pcs. / Pallet Layers
Sanitiser PET Bottle 1 1 L 33.5 g 253 mm 82 mm 28mm PCO 1810 1184 8
Sanitiser PET Bottle 0.75 0.75 L 48 g 220 mm 76 mm 28mm PCO 1810 1650 10
Sanitiser PET Bottle 0.25 0,25 L 20 g 175 mm 50 mm 28mm PCO 1810 4968 12

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