PET Beer Bottles

Our PET beer bottles will open your business to new sales channels, including large scale events and takeaway. They provide all the benefits of glass in terms of look and taste with added benefits of being lightweight and unbreakable.

Goes Where Glass Can’t

Open markets where glass is restricted such as sports arenas and concert venues as PET is lightweight and shatterproof, meeting safety requirements from venues. Offer takeaway from your venue to make incremental sales when your bar or taproom is full as Petainer beer bottles can be filled directly from your draught beer tap.

Quality Product Protection

Enjoy the same taste as glass with our barrier technology to limit oxygen ingress and carbon dioxide loss, giving you confidence that customers will enjoy the product as you intended it.

Shatterproof Bottles

Petainer PET beer bottles look glasslike, but are unbreakable. This helps you avoid staff injuries and limit product loss.

Safe & Eco-friendly

Petainer PET beer bottles weigh 80% less than a comparable glass bottle, having a big impact on reducing your carbon footprint. 100% recyclable, they are eco-friendly and easy to dispose of.

PET Beer Bottles Offering

We offer a range of sizes, from 0,50 to 1,50 L capacity.

Technical Summary Capacity Weight Height Diameter Neck Standard O2 ingress O2 loss Pcs. / Pallet Layers
PET Beer Bottle 1,50 L 1,50 L 43 g 317 mm 91.8 mm 28mm PCO 1810 < 0.25 ppm < 15% 864 6
PET Beer Bottle 1 L 1 L 43 g 294 mm 81 mm 28mm PCO 1810 < 0.25 ppm < 15% 1232 7
PET Beer Bottle 0,50 L 0,50 L 28 g 230.6 mm 63.8 mm 28mm PCO 1810 < 0.25 ppm < 15% 2980 10

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The packaging stability, the ability of the keg to survive gruelling weather and transportation conditions necessitates sourcing for a solution that is reliable, durable and is fit for travel. Stark has opted for Petainer Kegs because of their proven credentials when it comes to protecting the quality of the beer.

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