Article 8 June, 2020

Craft Brews Delivered Fresh

Whether you offer take-away or deliver fresh beer directly to your customer’s door, we supply a variety of cost-effective packaging solutions tailored to your needs.


Our new range of 10 L Classic and 15 L Hybrid mini kegs allow customers to easily tap and enjoy quality craft brews from the comfort of their home, using manual hand pumps or gas dispense systems.

We also provide smaller consumer-friendly growlers and beer bottles (0.5 L – 2 L) that do not require draught dispense systems and provide excellent product protection and shelf life. Our high-quality growlers can be washed and refilled, encouraging your customers to come back for more.

Petainer lightweight packaging solutions are easy to handle, dispose of, and recycle. They also significantly reduce your transportation costs and carbon emissions when compared to glass and steel alternatives.

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