Personal Care & Healthcare

Petainer is the first choice for packaging for the Personal Care and Health Care markets; and uses different plastics to achieve the product integrity brands owners seek while improving safety, sustainability and usability of the product when compared to other substrates such as glass.

Petainer is unique as we use PET, HDPe and cPP in two-stage format to allow optimal supply chain costs and the possibility to blow on-site.

This revolutionary technology allows significant inbound logistics savings, weight savings as well other supply chain costs, such costs of warehousing and internal logistics costs.

In many cases, the plastic material itself will have many good barrier properties for many personal care and health care products; and therefore offers sufficient protection during the required shelf-life of these products. However, there are different solutions for a number of products that need additional protection against the entry of, for example, UV light or oxygen and therefore Petainer employs a team of scientists to develop special barriers for these specific products to allow optimal protection for your product alongside supply chain optimisation by manufacturing on-site. These barrier additives can be added in liquid form or as Master Batch to the product during the injection moulding stage of the production and are especially designed to meet your needs.

In addition, personal care manufacturers want their products to have a bespoke look, radiate high-quality and that they are eye-catchers on the retail shelves. However complex, all of these requirements come together at Petainer through our specialist team of design engineers.

The plastic packaging of your products will stand out and immediately catch the consumer’s eye because it can be made in infinite colours and shapes. We will gladly offer our input in designing bespoke bottles.