Come and join us at this years Drinktec in Munich. Back again after a year off, Drinktec is the biggest exhibition in the beverage sector, and we’ll be there to talk you through our terrific range of PET solutions. Here’s a quick round up of what we will be bringing.

Refillable PET Bottles

Refillable, returnable, reusable; these bottles have many different names, but reflect the same concept – a bottle that can be washed and refilled many times over.

Refillable bottles are a hot topic, with countries across the EU starting to explore reuse systems in light of European Union officials exploring reuse quotas, whilst South American markets press ahead to expand their refPET footprints.

Talk about our existing solutions, rPET integration & our process to create long lasting bespoke bottles.

With over 4 billions refills per annum in the German market, Petainer are the only expert you need.

PET Water Cooler Bottles

With a wide range of refillable and single use options on show, our PET solutions guarantee quality from spring to glass.

Talk to us about transitioning from Polycarbonate to PET, or entering the office and home consumption space for the first time.

Made from shatterproof PET, they are tested in drop tests from 2m on to their base and side, and are proven for the toughest logistical situations.

We’ve got the answers on BPA, filling, washing and more!

Petainer Kegs

Petainer Kegs are the leading one-way solution, and have just got better. Let us showcase our most advanced keg yet, the Hybrid Keg with Generation 4 Fitting.

Generation 4 is the most advanced fitting on the market, with its patented pressure relief function. Protect your product reputation and those in the supply chain in bar with a pressure relief function that doesn’t reclose and works when coupled.

With our Hybrid Keg, the chimes (top and bottom grips) are reusable, saving you on costs, and reducing new plastic.

Recycled Content – Petainer IR Flake

Recycled content is key to both reducing ones carbon footprint and encouraging effective recycling. By 2025, in the EU, all bottles must contain at least 25% recycled content.

Petainer have launched our own recycled flake material Petainer IR Flake. Our process creates food grade rPET Flakes that can be used to create 100% rPET solutions

Our process removes the extrusion step, resulting in less melting, better colour values and less energy usage than when manufacturing rPET pellets.

Come and discuss how using Petainer IR Flake can help you close the loop.