Innovative coffee company Berendo chooses petainerKeg

Canadian coffee company Berendo has chosen Petainer as its packaging partner to support the launch of its B2B wet coffee business, which includes coffee and tea stouts. Berendo has major focus on innovation and sustainability and required a packaging solution which supported this philosophy.

The founders of Berendo, Lyse M Daigle and Nathalie Dion, briefed the Government accredited Agro Food Laboratory* to find an alternative to steel kegs when they were developing their wet coffee products. Agro Food recommended one-way PET kegs and Berendo chose the 20L petainerKeg thanks to its quality and the service and supporting technical expertise Petainer provided.

Lyse M Daigle, Co-founder and Vice President of Berendo, said: “For our new products we needed a packaging solution which not only protected their quality and flavour, but also met with our sustainability criteria. We chose PetainerKeg because of its one-way footprint and recyclability. It also saves on scarce resources such as water because it doesn’t need to be washed, and cuts out the need for environmentally damaging detergents.”

PetainerKeg offers a number of additional benefits to Berendo and its customers. It has a direct impact on Berendo’s bottom line when transporting products from Montreal to locations such as Vancouver, over 3,200 km away. Unlike steel, there is no costly return journey as the keg is simply recycled when it is empty.

In addition, thanks to the keg’s light weight (just 10% of a steel keg), it is easier to handle when it reaches the customer, and it doesn’t take up precious storage space in the retail outlets as there is no need to store empty kegs.
Berendo is now supplying clients all over Canada, from high-end restaurants and country clubs to multi-media and gaming companies. As part of its new product pipeline, Berendo is about to begin testing a Kombucha stout which it plans to launch in the coming months and which will also be distributed using petainerKeg.

Andres Jensen, VP Petainer Canada, said: “Our one-way petainerKeg is now being used by a diverse range of businesses around the world, from brewers and wineries, to cold brew coffee and kombucha producers, thanks to its total cost of ownership and sustainability credentials. We have a great partnership with Berendo and I’m pleased that we are supporting the growth and expansion of the business.”

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*ITEGA: Institut de technologie des emballages et du génie alimentaire,