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Deschutes Brewery: its successful growth in Asia thanks to the #petainerkegs


Deschutes Brewery opened as a small brewpub in downtown Bend, Oregon in 1988 and has grown into the 11th largest craft brewery in the US.  Deschutes is best known for our award-winning beers; and continues to excite their fans with small batch experimental and barrel-aged beers.

Deschutes Brewery has grown into the 11th largest craft brewer.

In 2014, they partnered with Petainer and G3 Enterprises, Petainer’s West Coast distributor, to help them to export their draft beer to markets in Asia. Since 2014 the Asian demand for craft beer has increased significantly, and with the help of Petainer, they have been able to match this increase in demand, and plan on continuing to grow their exports in the future.

With the technology present in the Hybrid Petainer keg, they were able to establish a special keg filling program that enabled them to fill the #PetainerKegs in their automatic keg filling machine.

Petainer has allowed Deschutes Brewery to expand to overseas markets

Currently, the majority of their draft export volume comes from Asian countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and on a smaller scale Taiwan, Korea, and Australia.

“In starting to export draft internationally, Petainer gave us a great opportunity to be flexible with testing and building new markets. With freight costs remaining high, going one way (without return) supports our ability to export draft and improve the economics for our international partners” Erick Hammer, Racking lead Deschutes Brewery.

Erick Hammer, Racking lead Deschutes Brewery

Thailand, an example of a success story in the asian market for Deschutes Brewery  


Brian Bartusch founded Beervana in 2012, a company that travels the world in search of the finest craft beer, and brings and distributes them to the Thai audience. They brought Deschutes into Thailand 8 years ago, they knew that tourists and ex-pats would be a big part of our initial market and that local Thais would take a bit more convincing to try these full flavor premium beers. But with a bit of craft beer diffusion and sampling events, they’ve successfully expanded across all of Thailand into some very local markets

Beervana brought Deschutes into Thailand in 2013

How does Beernava manage the cold chain storage and transport?: The cold chain shipping, storage, and transport have been key to their success. Thailand is a very hot and humid country and without a strict cold chain, the fresh flavors of Deschutes would quickly fade. that is why Beervana keeps their delivery trucks and warehouse at 4c (39f) installing their own keg and bottle fridges inside.

Providing CO2 to customers (restaurant and bar accounts): Very few bars or restaurants have their own co2 supply there, as many do not maintain their own cold rooms or draft systems. In order to provide the best customer service and to keep the cold beer flowing, Beervana provides fridges, CO2, and draft line cleaning service to all of their customers.


Mikkeller Bangkok is a craft beer store and a testing room featuring hundreds of epic craft beers from the world’s best brewers and it is an important part of the cycle in which Deschutes Brewery reaches end consumers.

“We pretty much only use one-way kegs. The Petainer Hybrid is great! It is easy to handle, stack well, and they are made with trusted coupler systems. Opposite to what most think, it is also a pretty eco-friendly solution, as we don’t have to send kegs back, no cleaning of the keg is required, etc. In Thailand, they are also collected and sold in bulk to recycling ‘shops’, so they actually never make it to the ‘garbage’ before someone snaps them up”. Jacob Rasmussen, Mikkeller Bangkok Owner.

Check out the full story in this video, and learn how Petainer’s solutions allow producers to access the domestic and export shooting markets and achieve considerable savings in logistics while reducing their carbon footprint:


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