CYBERMASS is one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional supplements in Russia. The young company, founded in 2015, owns several production sites headquartered in Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad Region. In a short time, the company managed to acquire representative offices in large cities of Russia and the CIS countries.

The focus is on the safety and effectiveness of their products. The production is certified by ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 food safety management system and has a full package of biological additives production certificates. CYBERMASS develop their sports nutrition and supplements in in-house laboratories and undergo all the necessary clinical trials.

The company sponsors the federalSambo to Schools program and participates in charity programs to develop children’s sports in Russia. According to the employees, this is an investment in the future. CYBERMASS actively cooperates with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Northwestern Federal District and several sports clubs, including Bastion, which trust CYBERMASS in providing functional nutrition.

The history of cooperation between CYBERMASS and Petainer began in 2017. As packaging for its popular products such as gainer and protein, the company chose the 3 litres white Petainer jar, which remains the bestseller today due to its ease of use and visual appeal. As for any manufacturer, it is essential to have high-quality and good-looking packaging, because it represents their products’ face. Also, it needs to be of stable quality and not cause any additional problems during our products production, maintaining its superior visual appearance during transportation. According to CYBERMASS:

“Petainer fully meets these criteria. We receive PET jars of stable quality material that protects the visual appearance of our packaging. For over three years now, Petainer has proven its reliability as a supplier. Petainer is highly customer-focused, which for us translates in a smooth process of cooperation, regular communications, prompt feedback, always stable quality and safety of packaging and flexible commercial conditions.”


In addition to this product, Petainer produced a lid with the CYBERMASS logo engraved at the top. In the years, the sports nutrition company has expanded the range of jars for its products and added Petainer jars of 1.25 and 6 litres to its portfolio. At the end of 2020, CYBERMASS launched their new product in a 375 ml jar.

“throughout the entire period of our cooperation with CYBERMASS, we have seen a significant increase in their sales volumes, which annually is over 100%. We are pleased that our packaging solutions contribute to the promotion of our customer’s products. Over the years of joint work, CYBERMASS has established itself as a reliable customer, with whom we can effectively achieve new results together. We very much appreciate the high level of CYBERMASS confidence in our company and will contribute to the further strengthening and development of our partnership”

Anna Klimova, Sales Manager at Petainer Russia

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