PET Plastic Bottle One

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Bottle One is the go-to large format container for edible oils, dairy and juice thanks to its unique integrated handle, hermetic seal and barrier properties.

Edible Oils

Key Benefits of
Bottle One

Product integrity


A more premium product

Crystal clear: Customers view clear plastic as 30-50% more premium.

Material benefits

Replace HDPE and get instant benefits

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For our new products we needed a packaging solution which not only protected their quality and flavour, but also met with our sustainability criteria. We chose Petainer Kegs because of its one-way footprint and recyclability. It also saves on scarce resources such as water because it doesn’t need to be washed, and cuts out the need for environmentally damaging detergents.

Lyse M Daigle
Co-founder and Vice President,
Berendo Coffee

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