Case Study 6 September, 2021



Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, Colorado, has quickly established itself as the perfect brewery for traditional lager beer lovers. Bierstadt Lagerhaus follows a deep rooted tradition of meticulous supervision of all elements, from production, to distribution to dispense in order to deliver a unique german style beer.

Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye, founders of Bierstadt Lagerhaus, decided to invest everything in the production of their renowned Lager. They reconditioned an 87-year-old German beer kettle, and following the strict Reinheitsgebot process, a 16th-century German procedure that decreed that beer should be brewed only with water, yeast, malt, and hops. They have produced a classic German-style beer that has quickly gained enthusiasts followers in state and out of the state.

Bierstadt Lagerhaus isn’t simply involved in the production of their beers, they have a Tap Room and a Bierhall (a large beer pub) available for customers to enjoy their beer on-site.

“We strongly believe in drinking draft beer. It’s a better experience than a packaged beer, especially considering the type of beer we make: delicate and nuanced.” says co-owner and brewer Ashleigh Carter.

In April 2020, they decided to contact Petainer due to the characteristics of our one-way kegs, being easy to fill, lightweight, and without the return logistics, this removed the need to stock additional steel kegs solely for peak times and customer take away.

The attention and follow-up to the Bierstadt Lagerhaus team by our sales representative has allowed a close relationship to develop. Currently, they use our 20-liter hybrid kegs to distribute their beer to customers with Kegerators and for small outdoor festivals. In addition, our 10L mini keg has allowed them to offer draft beer for consumption at home or on-site for small groups, or events such as Octoberfest. They have also made productive use our innovative Draft Pack, a lightweight mobile dispensing system designed for events that facilitates dispensing and reduces the amount of touch points, particularly during this times.

These proud brewers believe that their traditional way of brewing has stood the test of time and we are pleased that Petainer’s innovative solutions can complement their needs to facilitate operation and distribution.

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