Taking beer, cider, and wine to the four corners of the world

  • Globalising draught beverage supply
  • Tap and Go – 100% compatible with dispensing equipment
  • Delivers taste how brand owner intended
  • Zero reverse logistics costs
  • Zero maintenance, cleaning costs and deposit systems
  • Zero effluents products from cleaning

Key Features

  • Fast Fill
  • Minimal foaming during filling
  • High quality preform and blowing expertise
    • Consistent performance
    • Minimum 7 bar burst pressure
  • Proprietary resin blend
    • Optimum C02 retention
    • 9 month shelf life
  • High quality fittings
    • 100% EU approved food grade

petainerKegTM attributes

FeaturespetainerKegTM classicpetainerKegTM USDpetainerKegTM LinestarpetainerKegTM Hybrid
SKU volume (litres)

15, 20, 30 L

15, 20, 30 L

30 L

15, 20, 30 L

Filling position


Upright or Upside down

Upside down

Upright or Upside down

Filling type

Manual or KHS PETboy

Manual or KHS PETboy
Exsisting steel keg line

Existing steel keg line

Manual or KHS PETboy
Exsisting steel keg line



Easy handling 


Space for branding


Fitting type

A, D, S, G

Operating pressure

<3bar, <43.5psig

Burst pressure

>7bar, >100psig

Shelf life

9 months


petainerKeg™ fittings

S – Well typeD – Well typeA – Flat typeG – Flat type
Spear diameter17.5mm17.5mm14.5mm14.5mm
Materials (all EU food approved)POM, PP, TPE Stainless Steel
Release fitting options*PR & NPRNPR
Coupler attachmentRotate & LockRotate & LockSlide onRotate & Lock

*PR stands for Auto Pressure Release and NPR stands for Non-pressure Release

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