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Petainer reveals new brand identity and its commitment to delivering gamechanging solutions

Petainer, the leading PET and plastics supplier, has unveiled a fresh brand identity that underlines its unique multi-dimensional approach to providing leading beverage brands with packaging innovation.

The new identity is represented by a striking and contemporary logo comprising two inter-linked triangles, creating a third triangle. It has been created to highlight that Petainer offers its customers not just a straightforward transaction, but an integrated approach to packaging that adds value and delivers on the brand’s business objectives every time a company chooses Petainer as its PET supplier.

The two connected triangles represent its commitment to delivering packaging solutions that are truly gamechanging. One represents business understanding, the other packaging innovation. Overlaying business understanding and packaging innovation results in enhanced business outcomes for its customers every time, represented by the purple triangle.

Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett, Strategy Director at Petainer, commented: “Our new brand identity emphasises the values at the heart of our DNA – that Petainer combines business understanding and problem solving with genuinely sustainable packaging innovation to deliver solutions to our customers supported by outstanding service levels.”

Petainer produces a comprehensive selection of small and large PET containers, including water coolers and kegs, and recently launched a range of PET Jars – petainerJar™, available as pre-forms or fully blown containers. Petainer creates plastic packaging using unique blends of highly engineered PET, which is stretched to reduce the weight of the packaging but without any negative impact on strength and performance. This offers global brands advantages in terms of both cost and sustainability.

To underline its sustainability credentials, Petainer has also created a new programme called zero waste, which is also supported by a new logo. It promotes behavioural changes that reduce impact on the environment and was rolled out across Petainer in January 2014.

Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett said: “Petainer is a pioneering innovation and technology-led plastics packaging company with a philosophy characterised by high-performance solutions that have a low impact on the environment. We create premium yet competitively priced PET products that are market leading and without comparison in their sectors. Our new brand identity expresses these values and lets our customers know that we offer more than excellent plastic packaging, supported by great service too.”

She continued: “A good example of our unique approach to business are our ‘Future Forward’ sessions, designed to bring together our customers as well as external experts in retail, marketing and packaging, to discuss industry trends and projections for PET packaging. These events are so valuable because they enable us to learn how we can help our customers now and in the future.”

To coincide with the launch of its new brand identity, Petainer is in the process of developing a series of microsites dedicated to the PET packaging products in its range. As a result, three sites have now launched including, and

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