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Petainer officially launches petainerKeg™ Linestar: The PET solution for steel keg lines

Petainer, the leading container manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging for beverages will officially launch an improved version of the petainerKeg™ Linestar at BrauBeviale 2015. The petainerKeg™ Linestar is a Keg system designed to enhance the benefits of the classic, one-way PET keg.

petainerKeg™ Linestar features a solid and robust external casing, designed to run on most steel keg filling lines. petainerKeg™ Linestar offers customers all the advantages of the classic petainerKeg™ with a host of new benefits such as increased resilience throughout the supply chain, lightweight, ergonomically designed for handling, and providing 2,800cm² of space for branding opportunities.

Petainer Group Commercial Director, Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett explains: “Linestar is a gamechanger; Petainer has endeavoured to provide our customers with a seamless transition from steel to PET kegs. For brewers petainerKeg™ Linestar fits on most existing steel keg filling lines and is strong enough for robotic handling and palletisation. For on trade Linestar fits easily on existing dispensing equipment, and for distributers the product is easy to stack, store, and handle and with no keg returns required.”

Petainer has invested heavily in developing a product that delivers high levels of functional and sensory performance. Independent taste tests show that the taste of beverages stored within a petainerKeg™ rate as good as or better than that of steel kegs. An active oxygen scavenger ingredient is incorporated within the PET material which keeps the contents fresher and prolongs shelf life.

Initially available in a 30 litre format, petainerKeg™ Linestar offers brand owners unique and exciting branding opportunities for various seasonal and promotional campaigns, as logos and event sponsorship can all be added to the adaptable outer plastic casing.

Hartman-Jemmett concludes: “petainerKeg™ Linestar is set to revolutionise the draught beverage industry with a cost-effective product that can deliver business growth for our customers, and the needs of brand owners and consumers.”

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