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Petainer Innopac Packaging gets an overwhelming response for what is now titled as the “Unbreakable 20L bubbletop petainerCooler™”

• Recognized as a breakthrough for the mineral water industry at the W4 Water Expo held in Pondicherry on October 01st & 2nd
• Will change the face of the fast growing 20L bubble top packaged drinking water industry

Mumbai, October 04, 2016: The W4 Water Expo concluded in Pondicherry on October 01st & 02nd was a huge success with several packaged water manufacturers participating in the expo. The Water Expo was organized exclusively for Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturers to update the industry on new technologies available for their industry development which not only promotes cost reduction but also promotes sustainability and makes water safer for the consumers.

The highlight of the show was the 20 L petainerCooler™ (20L bubble top) which created buzz across the mineral water manufacturers across the Southern Indian states as a significant breakthrough for the industry,  the demonstration of negligible or no breakages soon got titled as what everyone called  as the “unbreakable jar” at the show. 

The 20L PET bubble top industry currently suffers from extremely high levels of breakage rates with the currently available local jars in the market resulting in significant wastage of water and doubled loss to mineral water manufacturers when the jars get unusable due to leakages. The local PET bubble top jars are also get scrapped due to excessive scratching and scuffing on the containers during its lifecycle which creates a negative impact on the image of the brand. 

Polycarbonate, an alternate material which is also used for the manufacture of 20L bubble tops not only has high levels of breakage rates but is also under the global scanner of several multi national corporations, it is already banned in France, Canada etc due to the presence of BPA in the material which is classified by the European Union as an endocrine disruptor, the presence of high levels of BPA can have potential harmful effects on the human health. In India, the use of poly carbonate material has been banned for infant baby feeding bottles and is being reviewed by BIS for its use in the mineral water industry.

20L petainerCoolers, the game changing solution for the mineral water industry addresses all of the above problems, the material used in its manufacture is absolutely BPA free, it has negligible or no breakage rate, scratches and scuffs much lesser than the locally available jars, high temperature washing makes the water more hygienic and safer for the consumers and due to the strength of the container it also doubles the life cycles of the jars promoting environment sustainability which in turn also brings down the total cost of ownership for the brand owners by 30-40%

Atit Bhatia, Managing Director, Petainer Innopac Packaging, said, “ We are extremely pleased with the positive response and the ‘unbreakable jar’ title which we have received for our petainerCoolers at the W4 Expo, we bagged some good on spot orders and received several serious convertible enquiries which was very encouraging for us. This month onwards, the Western and Southern Indian states shall see some significant influx of petainerCoolers. We remain committed to continue to work closely with our customers to prove the value proposition which we bring on the table and look forward for reducing the total cost of ownership for the mineral water industry”

PetainerCoolers (bubble tops) are manufactured using advanced polymer engineering technology which is globally patented by Petainer UK & is exclusively licensed in the Indian subcontinent to Petainer Innopac Packaging - a joint venture between Petainer UK Holdings and Innopac Containers Pvt Ltd. The innovative 20L petainerCoolers are manufactured using preforms which are imported from Petainer’s manufacturing sites in Europe and are blown at our manufacturing plant in Mumbai using high stretch blow molding technology.

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