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Corporates now switching to eco-friendly PET water containers

With increasing research that bubble top containers, used to store drinking water, may contain bisphenol A (BPA), corporates in India are increasing looking at safer, more eco-friendly options. Companies involved in the sale of bubble tops are moving towards PET.

PET containers are manufactured by Petainer Innopac, a company that has a joint venture with Petainer, manufactures the higher quality PET using their patented technology. "Close to 15 corporates — including Diageo United Spirits, Eureka Forbes —are now using PET bubble tops manufactured by us. In addition to being BPA-free, they have a longer life span, hence reducing the impact on the environment and cutting down on the cost," said Atit Bhatia, MD, Petainerinnopac.

To read more on how Petainer Innopac helps to move to the safer, more eco-friendly options in India click on the below link.

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